About Alice Veil

Wanna know who is peeking behind the veil? Naughty you..
Let’s introduce her as it should be: Alice Veil is a swiss Burlesque artist and vintage model.
She is planted in Lausanne, Switzerland, and lets her seed flow with the wind to discover new cultures (and foods).

Since she was a tiny blossom, she has always been dancing when no one was watching. She went through a lot of different styles and eventually grew a root in a Cabaret class. Combined with her love for vintage style and artistic creation, Alice Veil’s first petals bloomed in 2017 after a vintage styled photoshooting.

Grown in the Swiss Burlesque Academy garden since 2019, she was cultivated with love by Misty Lotus and Rebelle Bettie. In 2021, she first joined the many beautiful flowers on the professional scene of Burlesque, making her debut at Burlesque Extravaganza in Lausanne.

Since then, she hasn’t stopped growing new leaves on her stem: Burlesque, Cabaret, Nerdlesque, Chairdance, and she is not going to stop here. You’ll have to follow her path to see what will come next!

Her style mainly takes its roots in fantasy, videogames and magical universes, but also in the glorious 1940s and 1950s’ aesthetics. It results in a shiny cocktail of mystery, grace and emotions.

She likes to create, imagine, dance and connect, therefore she will be very happy to hear about your request. Contact her now!