Here, you will find all my acts as a burlesque and cabaret dancer.
You can book one or several acts for one show. Some of them are versatile and can be tailored to fit your needs.
Please feel free to ask for videos and requests by email 🙂

The picture shows a pink-haired Burlesque artist on stage. She is wearing a purple and silver panel skirt with a purple top, and a silver veil over the eyes.


Duration: 4m50
Lacrimosa is an intense poetic act, unveiling the mistery behind the Enchantress’ veil.

Who could resist the magic of the enchantress’ powerful and undaunted spells? Follow her incantations carefully, and perhaps she will reveal herself to you.

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Picture by Whisperer of Lights


Duration: 5m
Style: neo Burlesque
When night falls, beware, for an ominous creature lurks. The atmosphere grows dark and noises can be heard around you, but it’s too late to run away. A vampire is looking for her next prey and will stop at nothing to satisfy her bloodlust. Perhaps you will be her next victim?

This act was created with the help of Misty Lotus

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Picture by Stagetime

The picture shows a blonde Burlesque artist with red eyes in a vampire costume. She is alooking at an audience member with a menacing look.

More to come soon…